A New Set of Eyes


I recieved professional edits today.

*zooms around in her excitement like an aeroplane*

It’s odd, but at the same time very exciting. For the first time ever, I’ve got someone other than a beta looking at my work. And that someone is staking money on it.

A new pair of eyes can be an weird thing. The first time I showed my work to someone, it was my mother. Kudos for her for coming up with the sentence:

Its interesting, but there might be a few changes you can make

The first time I sent something out for publication, I remember waiting. When your writing isn’t terrible, you enter a weird zone where you don’t get an immediate no, but the wait is long enough to you get your hopes up for a “yes”

Spoiler alert, there was no yes. It took a whole damn year of trying to get a “yes”.

Yes means many things in publication. I’ve listed those I think most important:

1. You enter the realm of collaberation
For the first time, you’re not just working on your own, you’re working with someone.

2. That someone (namely an editor) wants to make money out of your work. Either via people paying for it, or via eyes and loyalty to their website. They’re invested. This is a good thing, and something to be kept in mind when the edits come through. Everyone wants what’s best for the peice.

3. Most places that pay for publication have plenty to choose from

Your peice is not going to be changed beyond all recognition by collaberation. That’s way too much in the way of effort. They might as well have chosen something closer to what they wanted.

So all in all, odd though the process of edits is (it’s like someone invading your bedroom with a plan for decore inprovement), it’s generally a good thing. And at the end of the day, everyone wants whats best for the story.

Picture credit : attributed to Jenny Kaczorowski via flicke under creative commons


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