Mirror Structure – Using patterns to plan stories


Mirror structure is a catch-all phrase – it’s more of a over-arching principal than a paint-by-numbers structure.

So why seperate it out as a principal? Well I hate planning ahead of time. I lose interest in the story if I know what’s going to happen. At the same time, I run into issues with my endings if I don’t have some format to work by.

Mirror structure is very simple:

– Finish what you start

– Resolve the relationship questions that you pose

– Fulfil the promises made to the reader.

I call it mirror structure because I use this when I get to my sticking point. I look back at what I’ve written, see the relationship questions posed, the promises made, and see what I’ve started. Then I attempt to resolve it all in a satisfactory and unexpected way.

So how does this work in reality? Onwards to the next blog post, my friends.

Picture taken from Flickr under Creative Commons attributed to Christian Holmer


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