The Fiction to do List – Plot Bunnies Gone Wild!


It’s almost the new year. I’ll have a new job, a new country of residence, and new obligations in about two months. Looking back at this year – the past two months been very good production-wise. Two shorts on submission, three new short stories written in the space of a month, and I’m on track with regards to my long fiction. I’ve also been swapping fiction with my script-writing brother, which has been very motivating.

But plot bunnies will creep up and multiply on you if you give them a chance. So I’ve got a list. Hopefully at the end of next year I’ll come back to this and some of it will be done.


Long Fiction:

  • Current long story: Contemp fantasy, involving a political marriage. MC is an illegitimate statesman who has to become a legitimate one to protect his people when his state is threatened by outside forces.
  • Urban Fantasy: A world where fortune-telling is a major form of social currency (imagine celebrities/politicians), and fortune tellers are judged on the impact of their premonitions and the accuracy. Most are accurate when their premonitions are small in scope, with the accuracy decreasing with the grandeur of the premonition. The female MC’s brother was rare in that he told large, world changing premonitions that came true. Then he got one wrong, destroyed a country’s economy, and killed himself. MC works part time in the premonition business, selling small, but reliable premonitions. Until she has a big one. Obviously, given her family history, she’s not too eager to go shouting it out to all and sundry. It is the sort of premonition she wants to stop though, given it involves the deaths of around half a million people.
  • Urban Fantasy: Basically – you know how every (well a lot of) urban fantasy involves detectives of some shape or size? In this one the MC is going to be a paramedic.
  • Contemp/lit? Not really sure on the genre of this one, but basically: Farmer is getting old, and had presumed that one of his two sons would take over his farm/help out when he got old. Farmer has a third son that he disowned when he came out as gay. Two non-disowned sons decide they don’t actually want much to do with said farm, everything starts failing, and disowned son makes the decision to come back to the middle of nowhere to help his father out. Eventually, his are-we-actually-dating-not-sure-yet-bf follows. Much calamity? Hilarity? Ironic happiness and grief? No idea yet.

There’s four long form stories there. I want at least two of them done by this time next year, hopefully the third started. We’ll see.

Short Form

  • Publish the four stories that I’ve recently finished
    • Requires the editing of, revision of, and submission of said stories
  • Write at least one short story a month.

Hopefully, my short stories will squeeze their way into my natural rest periods that I have when writing the longer stuff. We shall see. *crosses all the fingers*

Image taken from, under creative commons, attributed to Mufidah Kassalias


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