On Finishing Books – Should You?

God, it’s been hard to finish them recently. ‘Embedded’ stalled out for me halfway through, I had to make myself finish ‘Old Man’s War’… the adult section of the library has let me down recently.

So should you finish them? Sometimes I think yes. By finishing Old Man’s War, I pretty much learnt what I don’t like in first person POV. It was useful to see techniques that worked well, but didn’t work well for me. I got quite a lot out of analysing that book.

Embedded? I’m not too fussed over not finishing that one. It wasn’t a bad book by any standard, but I just ended up putting it down halfway through and by the time I picked it up again, it was due back at the library.

I don’t have time to slog through books. I have study. And placement. And my own stuff to write. And rent to pay. So while I truly did learn things from finishing Old Man’s War…. I don’t feel it entirely justified the amount of time I put into it.

So. New rules. Because I promised a book review a week and I haven’t really been delivering. I have a bunch of books from my teen years that I still love, and I could probably learn a lot from reading them through again. So each week I’ll pick an adult book. If I get bored halfway through, I’ll put it down, and go and read a book I already know I love. That way at least you’ll get some reviews.

Because I’m really struggling to see why I should make myself read something when I’d be much happier to read the same book over and over again.


Feature Image Attributed to Hash Milhan, taken from http://flic.kr/p/2qKgwi, used under the creative commons license, some right reserved


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