Heat, hot enough to blister, to melt the wheels of a car into the pavement.

Hot enough to melt the pavement.

Hot enough to burn the soil black.

Heat – igniting the air into fire before the fire gets there.

Killing people before the smoke gets to them, burning the oxygen from the air around them.

Filling the air with the smell of eucalyptus as the trees burn.

Heat – burning the sap in gum leaves, fire leaping from tree crown to tree crown.

Destroying all that rises before it,

Breaking open seed pods to let life begin again.

Heat – pushing the circle of life on and on.

Authors note: There is a certain type of tree in Australia called mountain ash that only drops viable seeds when those seeds are popped open by bushfire. It’s an interesting evolutionary mechanism.

Picture attributed to Marek (Allshot Imaging), taken from: http://flic.kr/p/5vDkvJ Used under creative commons licence, some rights reserved


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